Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What I am watching

Lars and the Real Girl

Ryan Gosling plays the title character in this oddball comedy about a delusional young man who buys a life-size sex doll over the Internet -- and then falls in love with her. When the besotted young man starts telling people that the doll is his girlfriend, his brother and sister-in-law decide it's time to intervene in this film co-starring Patricia Clarkson, Emily Mortimer, Kelli Garner and Paul Schneider.


It may sound dirty and riddled with sex...... But it is not. It is an unexpected lesson on love and how we should treat people.

Try it...... I think you might like it!


Rue said...

Good morning Carolyn :)

I haven't seen this movie, but my son had the whole family watch some youtube video about people like this. Very very odd LOL


Jack said...

Ok, need to add that to my own Netflix list.


Susie Q said...

This is an amazing movie! I got it for Bill as one of his Valentine gifts this year and we LOVED it.
It is so sweet and loving.