Sunday, August 10, 2008

Emergency Preparedness

Answer Yes or No:

If an Emergency lasted for 3 Days ( 72 Hours) before help was available to you or your family............

Would you have sufficient food?

Would you have the means to cook food withoug gas or electricity?

Would you have sufficient water for drinking, cooking, and sanitary needs?

Do you have access to a 72 hour evacuation kit?

Would you be able to carry or transport these kits?

Have you established an out of state contact?

Do you have a first aid kit in your home and every car?

Do you have work gloves and some tools for minor rescue and clean up?

Do you have emergency cash on hand? (remember: during emergencies Banks and ATMs are closed)

Without electricity and gas, do you have a way to heat at least part of your house?

If you need medications, do you have a month's supply on hand?

Do you have a plan for toilet facilities if there is an extended water shortage?

Do you have enough food, clothing and fuel for 72 hours of survival? How about 6 months or even a year?

These are all question that need answers if you are to be safe in an emergency. If you answered No to any of them, now is the time to work on getting those things done.


Renna said...

Thanks for the wake-up call. We've not been prepared since back before Y2K. Yikes!

John Wesley said...

Good questions. I hope you get more favorable responses. Statistically, few are preparing, yet we hear more frequently than ever the public service ads from state and federal governments that it's necessary to be prepared.