Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Frugal Beauty

In my attempt to spend less, I had to evaluate the amount of money I spend on haircuts and basic beauty up keeps. I had been enjoying services a a mid level Beauty Salon and Spa. It is a great shop and a wonderful atmosphere. But some of the prices are a little staggering.

So I decided to go to Great Clips for a haircut. Yes.... a little scary but as it turned out a great experience. I got a great haircut fast and cheap! And it only cost me $13.00!

Now what to do about these eyebrows?!?! I happened to drive by a local Beauty College and noticed a sign for "Beauty after 6". I drove in for a closer view. Here is the deal......Students who are practicing their practical skills provide the services and you get a great deal. Haircuts are $5.00, Eyebrow Wax is $5.00 and basic highlighting is $16.00.

Haircut, Color and Eyebrow Wax at Mid Level Salon: $100.00
Haircut, Color and Eyebrow Wax at Beauty School: $26.00

Being Beautiful: Priceless

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ElleBee said...

I'm all about frugal beauty! Sounds like you hit the jackpot! :)