Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Home Remedies

These are from the Foxfire Book. Some of them I have heard of...... and others are just plain weird!! Here are some of the weirder ones:

For Arthritis
Drink a mixture of honey, vinegar and moonshine
Make a tea from either the seeds or the leaves of alfalfa

For Asthma
Suck salty water up your nose
Smoke strong tobacco until you choke
Swallow a handful of spider webs rolled into a ball

For Bleeding
Put a spider web across the wound
Use a mixture of soot from the chimney and lard
Apply a poultice of spirit turpentine and brown sugar to the wound

For Burns
Put Hot Coals on the b urned place and pour water over them. The steam will draw the fire out
Bind Castor Oil and egg whites around the wound with a clean cloth
Use lard and flour
Put axle grease on the burned area

For Chest Congestion
Heat mutton tallow and apply it directly to the chest
Render fat of a polecat. Eat 2 or 3 spoonfuls. This will bring up the phlegm
Wear a flannel shirt with turpentine and lard on it all winter

For Colds
Boil Pine Needles and make a strong tea
Put Goose Grease salve on the chest
Drink Lamb's tongue and whiskey tea
Eat a mixture of honey and vinegar
Drink some brine from sauerkraut put up in churn jars. It will make you thirsty, and you will drink lots of water

For Colic
Tie a asafetida bag around the baby's neck for six months. This will keep away the 6 month colic
Feed the baby breast milk with one drop of kerosene or one drop of asafetida
Chew Ginseng Root

For Cramps in your feet, turn your shoes upside down before going to bed

For Diarrhea
Drink some blackberry juice
Take high proof liquor, put it in a cup and set it afire. After in burns and goes out, drink what is left

For Eye Ailments
Put a few drops Castor oil in eye
A sty can be removed by running the tip of a black cat's tail over the sty

For Headaches
Tie a flour sac around your head
When you get your hair cut, gather all the clippings. Bury them under a rock and you will never have a headache again

For Poison Ivy
Use a mixture of buttermilk or vinegar and salt

To relieve itching, Use a mixture of gun powder and sulfur

For a Nosebleed
Place scissors, points up on your neck

See..... I told you they were weird.

* Please do not consider this my endorsement or approval for any of the home remedies. I am just passing on the weirdness.

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earth heart said...

Yep, some of these are just weird. Others likely have nuggets of truth in them. For example...

I don't know about asthma, but salty water up the nose will clear your sinuses and congestion quicker than anything. Trust me I know, lol! Briefly unpleasant yes, but works exceptionally well and helps rid a cold quicker than anything.

The poison ivy mixture sounds reasonable since vinegar is a natural ph balancer and milk and salt both sooth the skin.

Thanks for sharing these gems!

Susie Q said...

My dad used to make me snort salty water when my sinuses were bad. Never tried it for my asthma. I know I am not gonna try those spider webs!! *laugh*

But these books really are interesting. My Mom still has the ones I gave her and dad years ago.