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Review & Giveaway: You send full sized product(s) to me for review. Within an agreed upon time, The Barber Bunch will review the product and post a Review & Giveaway. Then I offer the readers the chance to win the product. The readers will have to visit your site and find other products they like to make a valid entry. I offer bonus entries for following your company on Twitter and Facebook and for Blogging about our Giveaway.

What does this cost? Free
Associated costs would be price of the review product, the giveaway item and shipping. Please note that I ask my sponsors to ship directly to the winners of our giveaways.

2. Review Only: You send full sized product(s) to me for review and I write review of the product and your website.

What does this cost?: FREE
Associated costs would be the price of the review product and shipping to me.

3. Web Site Reviews: Reviews of online sites, with links, is a great way to increase awareness of a service or business.

COST: Please email me for details

Important Information for Sponsors
* Sponsors must mail contest winners their prize within 31 days of receipt of winner's shipping information.
*Sponsors are responsible for shipping directly to the winners of our giveaways.
*Please provide any specific pictures and logos you would like me to use, as well as keywords, text links you would like me to include.
*If your company is on Facebook and/or Twitter kindly provide those links and I will incorporate them into the Product Review/Giveaway.

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