Saturday, September 11, 2010

Product Review- Pilot Pens

Look what Pilot Pens sent me to test out!!

Since 1972, Pilot has been a leader in the manufacturing and sale of the most innovative writing instruments in the USA!

The FriXion Erasable Family of products is the newest innovation. All Frixion products feature Pilot’s patented thermo-sensitive ink formula that disappears with friction. Allowing the user to write or highlight repeatedly with no wear or tear on the paper.I was given FriXion Ball Erasable Gel Pen and the FriXion Light Erasable Highlighter to test. Sounds like MAGIC but it really works! I’ll show you!

The before shot

see.....the "rocks" is gone!
All the ink is gone!!
All you can see is where I pressed down on the paper to write!

All the ink is gone!
Now lets try the highlighter........
All the Highlight is gone too!
My opinion is:

Pilot FriXion really works!!!
Another Pen that was in my trial pack was the Pilot G2. I was all ready familiar with this product. My Husband is a Police Officer and his pen of choice is the Pilot G2. He loves the contoured rubber grip and the Gel Ink Formula that is smooth writing and smear proof.
He says they are great for writing speeding tickets!
He uses his G2 for all of his paperwork.
My favorite was the Dr. Grip Gel Ink Pen. The ergonomic cushion grip was great. I have arthritis in my hands and writing can sometimes be painful. I used the Dr Grip Gel Ink Pen at my Customer Service job and it really helped with hand fatigue with all the writing that I do. In fact, The Dr Grip Gel Ink Pen was commended by The Arthritis Foundation for ease of use. It is also refillable with G2 or Q7 refills.
Other pens included in the pack were:

V Ball RT
Precise V5
Precise Grip
Easy Touch Pro- these were another favorite of mine!

At Pilot, their goal is not to be the biggest supplier, but rather the best in terms of quality and consumer satisfaction. Pilot is fairly committed to always provide their customers with the best quality writing instruments in the world.

Here at The Barber House, we think they are doing a fine job. We use Pilot products everyday!

Thanks Pilot!

Pilot sent me samples but the opinions stated in this review are my own.

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