Monday, September 6, 2010

Get Ready

Boulder 30M Solar Panel

● Stay in Control of Your Future — the Boulder 30M portable solar panels can provide you with hours of power and is compatible with your Sherpa 120, Scout 150, and Ranger 350 Power Packs!

● Enjoy Versatility and Compatibility — this solar panel includes pop-out leg stands for optimal positioning and convenient set up, and it can be linked to multiple other panels for maximum energy!

● Make Emergency Preparedness Convenient — the solar panels can be hooked up to devices or power packs to either use or store energy.

● Don't Leave Yourself Unprotected — using 30-watts of highly efficient mono-crystalline solar technology, the Boulder 30M provides more than enough power!

● Get Your Money's Worth — the solar panels are made of weather resistant materials have been UV treated.

Just imagine being stuck inside without any power. Anyone who lives in areas with rough weather knows that following a natural disaster, it can take days or even weeks for the power to be turned back on. And in that time, you're going to need to stay warm, prepare food, heat water, and maybe even call for help. But without any electricity, doing all of these things is almost impossible. That's where this product comes in.

With 30 watts of monocrystalline solar power, the Boulder 30M is the ultimate in portable solar devices. It can absorb solar energy on even a completely overcast day, and its sturdy design is made to last you through the seasons—and just in case it doesn't, the Boulder 30M comes with a year long manufacturer's guarantee! You can even connect multiple solar devices and give you appliance or power pack an extra kick. So prepare now, and stop worrying about the future!

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