Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zuchinni Chips ARE Yummy!!

I woke to find that my Zucchini Chips were ready to come off the dehydrator. They were a very light golden brown and curled around the edges. So I took them off the Dehydrator and let them cool and then ate one...........................Zucchini Chips ARE Yummy!! They have an interesting mild sweet, salty, buttery taste. I love them!!

I am dreaming up all kinds of different ways to use them. More than likely I will eat them straight out of the jar as a side dish with sandwiches! Or eat them alone for a quick healthy snack!


Renna said...

Great to know! Inevitably, in the latter part of summer, we are blessed with plenty of zukes from the gardens of friends. I fry them, I stew them, and I make bread with them, but I've always wished there were more things to do with them. :-)

Did you do anything to them before drying them?

Carolyn said...

I just washed them and cut them with a mandolin slicer. I did mine pretty thin. but you could do them thicker too

I did mushrooms today too!

Deb said...

Wow! Carolyn great find, and you've already used it and have a treat. Maybe one day I'll get to try some, but as you know the kitchen is not one of my favorite places. But the Zuchinni Chips look yummy. Deb

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

I’ve never heard of even thought of zucchini chips. What a healthy alternative to some of the junk offered consumers in the grocery store!

Robbyn said...

This is such a wonderful find, Carolyn! We don't have any zucchini this year, but when we do I'll be using this as a great treat to serve instead of chips (we dont get to eat chips often)