Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Canning Jar Score!

I went to Big Lots the other day and found some canning jars on sale. I got excited and scooped some up. I got two 12 pack cases of quart jars, two 12 pack pint Jars and one 12 pack of jelly jars.

The price was really good. Prices at other stores were anywhere from $9 to $12 for a case. I got the quart size for $7.00 a case and the pint and jelly jar sizes for $6.50. And the lids and screw tops are included!

The brand name is Golden Harvest. I found out thru a little online research that Golden Harvest is the budget brand of Ball Jars.

Even if I don't use all of them this year, it will be good to have some around.

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Renna said...

I have bought those at Big Lots in the past. It really is a fantastic deal!

My dh and I do alot of our shopping at Big Lots. For much of what we buy, their prices are even better than Wal-Mart.