Monday, July 28, 2008

Visions of Homesteading

Visions of Homesteading from our Little Homestead in the City
While it is not homesteading on a grand scale,
It is small changes we have made to move in that direction.

Products of my Canning

Tomatoes!! I am thinking we are going to have BLT's real soon!!

Pole Beans going crazy on the deck

Making Sun Tea.

Drying clothes on the Clothesline. Pardon the tall grass.

Hubs hasn't got around to doing his homesteading duties.

Stuff that I dried in the Dehydrator over the weekend.


Renna said...

I'd love to know what kind of dehydrator you have. I had one many years ago that didn't work that great. I've been reading references to them on different blogs and am thinking they have probably improved since back when I had one.

I am really enjoying your blog. :-)

Shellmo said...

I've thought about a dehydrator - I would love to hear your recommendations too. I'm hoping to become a better "canner" this year - blackberries are ripening soon in Michigan - so excited to try to make blackberry jam.

Deb said...

Hi Carolyn, you are busy, that's a good idea you have of growing veggies in pots. I hope you get a lot of beans. Deb

Kitty said...

wow, that's awesome. You've been so productive. Do you feel completely self-sufficient?

I think the gardening is the best. When you garden, you're using your property in a practical way, virtually getting something for nothing (well, not completely nothing, you have to do a bit of work!)

Christy said...

You're doing great! I'm impressed by how much you've put up so far. It never occurred to me to grow tomatoes in a bucket. Duh.

Robbyn said...

Girl, you're a natural!!

Howling Hill said...

Nice to see you on Laundry List and the Friends Not Dabbling group!