Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's for Dinner- Lettuce from our Garden!

Lettuce from our Garden.
Salad- It's What's for Dinner!

Here is the Garden at 39 Days

Deer have discovered the Garden!

Any tips for keeping them out of the Garden?


Laurie & Chris said...

Human hair keep deer away put human in nylons and place it around your garden.This always worked for us. Also deer don't like coneflowers if you plant some of them around this may help also.

Amanda said...

Every day when I get to work I get the daily update about what plants have been eaten by my boss' deer. She has built deer fence that are 10 feet high in some spots.

She sprays the "Deer Off" or some such product on everything, but that means no harvesting for 3 weeks afterwards.

I really feel blessed not to have to deal with them.