Monday, October 20, 2008

I want one.......

An idea whose time has come…….again

Mrs. Pegg’s HANDY LINE

The clothes line has been around since your great-grandmother's time. With the advent of the automatic clothes dryer, the clothes line slowly fell out of fashion. But the clothes dryer came with a price - it's hard on fabrics, shortening the life of your clothes.

Your clothes dryer consumes a lot of energy, like your air conditioner. At today's sky high energy prices, it can cost as much to operate your dryer as it cost to buy it.

Check out Mrs. Pegg’s HANDY LINE:

~Pre-assembled - simply take it out of the box and set up for use. No installation required.
~Available in two sizes large and small
~Lightweight - large line weighs only 5.9 Lbs, small 5.7 Lbs.
~Folds flat for storage and can be hung on the back of your closet door.
~Can be moved with a full load of washing.
~45 Lineal Ft of line space (large), 35 Lineal Ft (small).
~Large line holds 4 king size sheets (with 2 spare lines) and the small line holds 4 double sheets.
~Quick locking mechanism for fast and easy folding.
~Legs splay beyond top frame for extra stability.
~Leg caps for floor protection.
~Capable of handling heavy washloads and hangers.
~Quilts and blankets may be tented over the top of the HANDY LINE.
~Sweaters can be laid flat on top of line.
~Made from robust and non-corrosive materials - can be left outside permanently and will not rust. No maintenance required.
~Lower line level makes it easy for those who have difficulty reaching a conventional line.

This would be the perfect solution for hanging clothing to dry during the winter months when I can't hang them outside.

I want one.....................

Until then, I will use these:



Susie Q said...

That looks like a wonderful product! I could so use it...I think I will check this out! Thanks Carolyn!

Cathi Weasley said...

I would love to hang my clothes out to dry...but I live on a dirt road...dirt cloud plus wet clothes means wash them again...sigh...

Kathie said...

It does look like a neat product, but I'm willing to bet you could fashion something quite easily out of materials you already own for less than half the price. I think that product is outrageously expensive for what it is, but maybe I'm just cheap.

Get a couple of heavy duty section cups, attach them to either side of your shower, attach some clothesline, and voila, your very own indoor clothesline where the water drips down the tub/shower drain. The heavy duty clips (the kind where the hook clamps down) can be pricey but not more than $5 for a set and clothesline you get like 100 feet for a $1.

jess said...

I'm so glad I stumbled on this! I've been needing a drying rack, since I can't dry any of my clothes and my husband is sick of me hanging them on the couch! I think this could work perfectly and I love your review!