Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Years Supply of Food

This is something we are working on. We have no where near a years supply but it it something we are planning and working on.

Just how big is a Years Supply of food?

The following is the minimum for each adult:

This will keep you fed, but leave you hungry.

400 lbs. Grains (17.5oz / day)
60 lbs. Beans (2.6oz / day)
10 quarts Cooking oil (0.87oz / day)
60 lbs. Honey (2.63oz / day)
8 lbs. Salt (0.35oz / day)
16 lbs Powdered milk (0.70oz / day)
14 gallons of drinking water (for 2 weeks)


Dividing 400 lbs by 365 days, equals out to just over 1 lb of grain, per person, per day. That is approximately 2 cups of unground grain to cover your breakfast lunch and dinner.
Dividing 60 lbs by 365, this works out to 0.16 lbs of beans per day, or 2.6 oz—approximately 3/4 cup. The other foods listed would also need to be used in limited amounts.

Or use this handy dandy food calculator that I found:

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