Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Preparedness Skills

Preparedness and Sustainability means and being able to provide for your own needs as much as possible. The more skills and knowledge you have about a wide variety of situations and problems, the better you are to be able to cope with whatever crisis or situation confronts you.

Following is a list of skills you should educate yourself on to be prepared:

*Grow a Garden, cultivate and orchard, plant field crops.

*Raise rabbits, chickens, goats and other animals.

*Process and preserve food by dehydrating, canning, pickling, smoking and curing.

*Make your own butter, cheese and yogurt.

*Plan and prepare meals using the same foods and methods of preparation and cooking as you
would use during a crisis. Cooking on a wood stove or open flame is a lot different than cooking on a household stove.

*Sew, mend, or remodel your clothing. Learn to quilt, knit, crochet, weave, spin and dye wool.

*Make your own soaps and candles.

*Make your own, gifts, toys, and household furniture and decorations.

*Learn how to repair and maintain your Home. Carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical,
masonry and woodworking.

* Learn metal working skills/ Welding, casting, and blacksmithing.

*Learn basic auto mechanics. Do your own repairs, tuneups and maintenance.

*Take beginning and and advanced first and and life support classes.

* Learn and practice, wilderness and primitive survival skills. Foraging wild plants, snaring wild game, starting a fire, cooking without pots, finding water, making shelters, map reading and navigation. knot tying.

*Participate in outdoor sports to learn survival skills. Camping, backpacking, hunting , fishing, trapping, tracking skiing, canoeing. Learn to field dress and butcher game.

* Learn about weapons and practice marksmanship.

* Learn and Practice unarmed self defense.

How many of these skills do you have? What are you working on?

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