Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why do I bother?

Hubs decided to have some Homemade Bread with the Amish Butter today. Afterwards I asked what he thought of the Butter. He said he didn't like it because it wasn't as easy to spread as margarine. I explained he could wait for it to soften a bit or put a hunk in the microwave to soften it. But he said he prefers the margarine over the REAL Butter!?!?!

He also didn't like the bread because I used half whole wheat flour and half white flour. (Trying to get a few whole grains into his diet). He said he would like it better if it was just plain white bread!

I can tell this is gonna be a fight to get him to eat real, whole, good for you foods. Makes me wonder if it is even worth the bother of finding and cooking the good food if he isn't going eat it.

But I guess he will it anything if he gets hungry enough.


Katrina said...

I feel your pain. ;-)

Kitty said...


before you become too fed up, you ought to try Benefiber or some other fiber that you add with water. You can't taste it at all.
Benefiber is a little pricey, but each drugstore has its equivalents. Mark and I drink this with our daily vitamins.

There's also something called Flax Seed, which helps with chorestorol. It comes all ground up and you could probably sneak it into a stew or cereal without knowing it.

Keep trying. It's worth taking care of yourself and your husband, because all this adds up.

ElleBee said...

Yeah, my husband is the same way. I buy "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" for him. I'm fortunate in that he will eat whole wheat bread, and likes my homemade bread. I always grind flaxseed into my bread. A couple of tablespoons and nobody ever knows it's there! :)

Rue said...

Hi Carolyn :)

I read all that I've missed to this post and I wanted to stop and tell you how impressed I am with what you're doing.

As far as the butter. You could buy one of those old crocks and leave it out so that it stays soft. I don't think it'll spoil. As far as the bread, Rich wouldn't eat that either LOL