Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Frugal

More ways we are being Frugal:

I love clothslines! Nothing like the smell of sheets dryed in the sun. But in this day and age you hardly see them anymore. Then I started thinking about how we could save money by not running the Dryer so much. So asked Hubs to make a clothsline in the back yard. We went to Home Depot and got the supplies. Hubs strung the line from fence post to fence post and put in some little gadget that will allow us to adjust the tension in the line. And we can take it down when not in use. I ran a load of laundry and hung it out to dry last night. It worked great!Great Job, Honey. I love it.

As a reward to myself when I quit smoking, I got artifical nails. I have had them ever since (4 years ......Go me with the not smoking). But I was getting tired of always having to be careful so as not to break a nail or wrecking the polish. And the money I was spending each month...... On something that God gave me and that grow for free! So I had my acrylic nails removed. This one has been a little tough for me. I am so used to my nails being pretty and I like that. My real nails are jacked up and really thin and weak......And not so pretty! So I am struggling with this one. I just keep trying to think about how much money I will save in a month! And my nails will grow back thicker and healthier, I just got to give it time.


Robbyn said...

Wow, neat about your clothesline! My nails are au naturale too, and I just keep them shaped. My Grandma used to work in the garden with her hands a lot, but her nails were very pretty. She kept them shaped and used a buffing thing (not sure the word...buffer?), which kept them shiny and healthy looking. I came to prefer that look.

ElleBee said...

Sally Hansen has some really good (and relatively inexpensive) products for helping strengthen your nails. You might try them in the interim. My grandma always said that the garden work helped strengthen her nails. They were always beautiful!

Kitty said...

Good for you for quitting smoking. That's a huge expense and health hazard, of course.

And the clothesline sounds wonderful. The smell of the laundry afterwards is great.

Do you take vitamins? I wonder what it is that helps nails out. I always thought it was minerals, but I may be mistaken?