Monday, June 23, 2008

A Nice Surprise

I got a nice surprise in the mail today!
My Father in Law and his Wife Genny are readers of my Blog. (Hi Guys!) So they know about my little project of getting Back to the Basics. Being the nice folks that they are, they sent me a bunch of books about just that subject.
About the Books:
In the late 1960s, Eliot Wigginton and his students created the magazine Foxfire in an effort to record and preserve the traditional folk culture of the Southern Appalachians. This is the original book compilation of Foxfire material which introduces Aunt Arie and her contemporaries and includes log cabin building, hog dressing, snake lore, mountain crafts and food, and "other affairs of plain living."
I can't wait to read them.
Thanks Mike and Genny!


Kitty said...

that's so nice that they thought of you.
I haven't heard of this series, but I love the dust jackets. They have such an old timey feel.

Carolyn said...

They were first published in 1972. So they are a little old...LOL

log-cabin-adventures said...

These are excellent books. I read much of the copies my husband has and learned a lot. More than anything, I think I learned how MANY ways there are to accomplish the same thing. There was a very interesting part in one about how many of the old timers believed strongly in only performing certain chores during specific times in the moon cycle. Could be a bit of superstition...but a lot of it made sense. In our inner city neighborhood, I notice huge differences in the nights around the full moon. Nature does seem to effect us all.
Best wishes on your Back to the Basic studies!

log-cabin-adventures said...

One more thing - I just noticed that you have a fourth book, the yellow one. We don't have that one. When I zoomed in, the subtitles look quite interesting, especially fiddle making. (my husband plays the guitar, banjo and fiddle.) I will have to keep my eyes open for a copy.

Peggy said...

some of the stories in the foxfire books were written where my parents were born and raised and where I lived most of my life. I love rereading mine. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours and am going to try your roll recipe

Susie Q said...

These are fantastic books! I gave them to my parents in the 70s and now we have them back.
There are so many things to be learned from them...\How sweet of your in laws to send them to you!