Monday, June 2, 2008

Being Frugal

Hubs and I are really trying to be more Frugal. Spending our money wisely and not spending money on things we don't need. That seems to be the biggest problem for both of us. We are both compulsive buyers. We have to keep saying " Do we NEED it or do we WANT it?" With our savings we are paying down bills and trying to save a little money.

One of the frugal things we did this past month was open the windows. Sounds easy enough... right? Ohio weather cooperated with us and we had some beautiful weather. We were able keep the temperature at a comfortable level just by opening and closing the windows. We probably only had the heat or A/C on than 3 or 4 times in May. We didn't really think of the savings until we got the Power Bill. We owe $40 for the month of May! Wow!

Another thing I did was investigate alternate food sources. I read some articles on how to save money on your food purchases. Both mentioned going to Dollar Stores (Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Big Lots and Dollar General and the like) for food items. While I frequent the Dollar Stores, I don't normally purchase food items. So I went to Dollar General the other day and checked out the food. I was amazed!!! I got a majority of the pantry items that were on my Grocery list and it only cost me $35.00!!!! Name Brand BBQ Sauce for a $1. Name Brand Pickles for $2. Stuffing Mixes for $0.85. Name Brand Cake Mix for $1. Name Brand Syrup for $1. I tried some 'off ' brand stuff too. Black Olives for $1.25 a can. Trisquit- Like Crackers for $1.50. Chili Sauce for Hot Dogs for $0.55. And a BIG thing of Liquid Detergent for $4.50. I was shocked and amazed!! The articles (and I) suggest that you check the freshness dates on all the products. I found all the products to be fresh and months away from "expiring". Needless to say I will be going back to the Dollar Stores for my Pantry Items! The money I will save will go towards buying meat to stock our freezer.

Anyone got any other Frugal tips for me?


ElleBee said...

We're on a frugal streak as well, and I have one word for you. Aldi. I do the bulk of my shopping there. Walgreen's/CVS is also a really good place to check for pantry bargains.

Deb said...

That's great Carolyn, I'm already there, I always get great food bargains from Big Lots, and The Dollar Store has great food items too. Deb