Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Project

The world is ending, or so they say. Could be from a variety of reasons. But any way, we got to get ready.

Hubs and I have were all ready interested in crisis preparedness, survival and frugal living. Now we have added homesteading to the list. We are going back to the basics. Trying to do things the way our Grandparents did it before all of this modern technology. My project is to find old time ways for everything we do. I will either change our day to day ways of doing things or put the solutions into my "Doomsday Notebook".

We aren't going crazy and going totally off grid. But educating ourselves on how to survive long term when (if) the world as we know it ends.


Robbyn said...

You go, guys! I'm prepared, as you learn more and more about the older ways of doing things, to be perceived as "crazy" anyway :) Hey, at least you're in good company!

ewepatty said...

We are already stocking up on tuna and rice.

John Wesley said...

Very cool, and good luck! Are you subscribers to Backwoods Home Magazine? They're a good source for great information, including anthology books of their material. Also, Lehman's has a good selection of books and useful supplies of all kinds.

Lehman's is one of the companies I'm affiliated with at Plus, I have a link in the blog roll to Jackie Clay's excellent Backwoods Home Magazine blog.


Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

:) I think it is the ones who don't learn how to do things for themselves or prepare for emergencies that are the crazy ones!