Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seven Day Challenge

What is the Seven Day Challenge?

The Seven Day Challenge is going to be a mock disaster that lasts 7 Days in which the bloggers at will be initiating an emergency “fire drill”. Participants will have a chance to test their level of preparedness in a simulated emergency environment. Each day during the Seven Day Challenge participants will receive an email informing them which of their utilities and/or food they will have access to. At the conclusion of the Seven Day Challenge participants will have means to share, discuss, and give feedback on how they could have been “better” prepared.

How to sign up?
You can sign-up online at the Seven Day Challenge page on FoodStorageMadeEasy.NET.

What’s in it for me?
· Opportunity to win a WonderMill Hand Mill for joining and by telling friends
· Participant prizes for completing the challenge
· Tons of learning
· Peace of mind from being prepared

How will I be prepared in time?
Follow the blog and through-out the summer as they will be doing a summer crash course helping you get ready. You can also sign up for FREE CHECKLISTS that get emailed to you every 2 weeks with “to do” items, and “to purchase” lists!

P.S. When signing up, make sure you give credit to Carolyn that passed this along to you by entering her name in the referrer field J. Doing so will give you AND them an entry for the Wonder Junior Deluxe Giveaway!


Jody M said...

Oh, my. I may have mentioned in a previous comment that I work at a DHS library, the largest fire/disaster/terrorism library in the world. We have a book (and I'll have to go look for it) by some VERY serious preparedness gurus who did a 3-day challenge....and gave up after a day the first time around. It is a good read, very interesting to me that they couldn't do it at first. I'll find the info for you and post it later today...

Jody M said...

Found it:

Urban alert: emergency survival for city dwellers, by Mary Ellen and Bruce Clayton. 1980, Paladin press.

What I found most interesting was that these two preach survivalism, train survivalists, stock like crazy....but the first time they tried they couldn't pull off a 3-day drill with just the two of them and their young son. Very interesting reading. Real eye-opener.