Thursday, June 11, 2009

Long Term Food Storage

The following are things to consider while learning about, planning, and using your long-term food storage:

Store what you eat, Eat what you store. This will ease the transition in case of an emergency

Start small. Work on a full 3 month supply, then move onto a 6 month, then eventually a year supply

Understand the basic recommended long-term foods and how to use them.

Use food storage books and sites to learn ways to use your long-term food storage on a regular basis. I recommend "The Essential Food Storage Cookbook" by Tami Ciroberger and Carol Peterson

Talk to experts in the field by going to preparedness store classes or to local church seminars.

Talk to your friends and family members about how they use their long-term food storage.

Determine the quantities you will need by:
1. Obtaining a basic food storage goal report at
2.Use quick online calculators
3.Use books, pamphlets or resources you have on hand
4.Track what you eat and figure it out based on your own consumption

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matthiasj said...

Great post Carolyn. Store what you eat, eat what you store. That's great advice.

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