Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cook's Creed

The Cook’s Creed

The health of my family is in my care; therefore-

I will preserve as far as possible the nutritive elements in foods which are delivered to me.

My family’s enjoyment of food is my responsibility; therefore-
I will preserve and enhance the attractive qualities of he food with which I work.

Stretching the food dollar is part of my responsibility; therefore-
I will take such care of food that none will spoil. I will use left-overs with thought and skill.

A well-prepared dish and an appetizing meal are a creative achievement; therefore-
I shall derive happiness from work itself.

Good food is of prime importance to my family; therefore--
I shall take pride in doing an outstanding job of cooking.

(The Modern Family Cookbook, 1942)

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Rue said...

That is so great! I might have to copy that and hang it in the kitchen :)