Tuesday, June 2, 2009

IDC #1

Independence Day Challenge #1 for May 2009

Plant Something:
*Everything is in the Garden and planted.
The cucumbers and watermelons are a little slow to start but otherwise everything is growing.
*Will plant more Spinach in Bucket Garden

Harvest Something:
*Thinned Radish
*Harvest Spinach

Preserve Something:
Nothing this week

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:
*Rain Harvesting
*Meal Planning

Preparation & Storage:
*Organized Survival Supplies and made Evacuation Lists
*Bought camping cookware and utensils off of eBay for Bug Out Kits
*Bought 2 Gallon Container and flat of Water Bottles for supplement Water Storage.

Eat the Food:
*Working on rotating food supplies and replenishing.
*Eating Spinach from Bucket Garden

Goals for 2009
*Buy a Generator- done
*Stockpile more Food
*Grow wider variety of food
*Freeze more food
*Can more food

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