Saturday, April 26, 2008


I got a new swimsuit the other day. A modest tankini that covers what should be covered and has some spandex in it to suck in what should not be there.

I tried it on for the Hubs:

Me: So do you like my swimsuit?
Hubs: Well................
Me: Go on......tell honest.
Hubs: It is not that flattering.
Me: What's wrong with it?
Hubs: There is a lot of material there. It is not that sexy.
Me: I am really not going for sexy, Honey. Just something to cover this 40 year old body.
Hubs: But you should get something sexy.
Me: OK......what would you have me wear.
Hubs: (running to the computer)......OK..... I'll show you!!!!

Then he shows me pictures of girls in bikini tops, thongs, G Strings and the like.

Me: Honey!!!! I can't where those things!!!
Hubs: Why Not????
Me: Look at me.......
Hubs: What????
Me: Baby......I would need to lose 20 years and more than 20 lbs! Just because you buy the same swimsuit does not make you look like the girls in the picture!

Hubs: Oh


Rue said...

That's hysterical! I wish buying them WOULD make me look like those girls though, don't you?? LOL Your husband is hilarious ;)

Have a great day!

Laurie & Chris said...

That is so funny!!

FHL said...

Oh, that is too funny!!! LOL :o)

Kitty said...

aw, that's cute.
that's nice, though, that you were able to talk about such stuff.

I don't think the same works with women. I would not like to see Mark in a g string or anything remotely close to one, lol

Susie Q said...

I am so laughing here. Wouldn't it be great if just wearing them made us look like a Victoria Secret model? Of course, I would hafta lose more than 40 pounds!! And be younger and well, ah. Forget it!


Natasha Burns said...

that's funny! I enjoyed reading it!!!

Twinville said...

You said:
"covers what should be covered and has some spandex in it to suck in what should not be there."

You had me cracking up! hehe
But ain't that the truth?!

Isn't it funny how when we're 20 and skinny that we only buy suits that show off every inch of our bodies....the more skin the better?

And when we are 40 and not so skinny....we only buy suits that cover up all that 'extra' flesh and help us feel 'camoflauged' and 'tucked in'?

Men just don't get it!

Maybe you should just buy one of those itty bitty bikinis and try it on for him. Maybe he'd understand the current reality?

Or course, if he is as sweet as you post about and you all are still newlyweds.....he may just not see what you see....and you two may have a little 'fun' together! hehe

Wooo Woooo!