Thursday, April 24, 2008

Remember the Homemade Dog Treats?

Remember the homemade Dog Treats I made????

I gave some to my Mom yesterday to give to her two little Dachshunds Abby and Gabby.
E-Mail from my Mom this morning:
Also have to tell you what your Dad did. I had that bag of dog treat on the table. He got home before I did - didn't know what they were - yep - you guessed it - he ate a couple!! Asked me what in the hell they were when I got home - what a laugh for both of us and now you too!!
Too funny!!
Sorry Dad. I just had to post it on the Blog!
But I have one question........were they any good?!?!?


Sherry/Cherie said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a surfing can be a great deal of fun!! You have some beautiful photographs here -- and I'm still laughing at your dad eating these give him credit though -- they do look like a yummy snack ... it would be tempting to taste a few!! lol!

Cheryl said...

Hi Carolyn, thanks for stopping by my blog!

This story is so funny! It reminds me of a former neighbor (9 years old) who tasted her dog's treats so she would know what he was eating. She wasn't impressed.

I married someone with 4 dogs, but sadly, we're down to 2 now. The family is dwindling.....

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

your poor da! lol. too funny.
xo Britt

Bejeweled said...

Hi there! Thank you so much so stopping by my blog to say "hi"!

We have thistle in our garden too so I can relate. One year we had to let it go and it turned into a dense six foot tall thistle jungle!! Yikes!! How nice of your Mom to stop by and help you clear out that pesty stuff.

Deb said...

Hi Carolyn, that was hilarious! I just want to say they must have been good if he ate a couple. You must be a fantastic cook. LOL Deb

Rue said...

That's hysterical! Right now I needed a good laugh too LOL

Have a great night,
rue :)

FHL said...

Oh, your poor dad! But at least they were probably all natural and most likely healthier then most of the prepackaged things we buy at the grocery ;)

Twinville said...

BWAHAAHAA! What did your Dad say???

In his defense, if they ahd been sitting on the table, and noone had told me, I may have tried a few bites, too.
They look really yummy!

How do the dogs like them?