Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Medicine Cabinet

You know you do it.......You go to someones house.
You use their restroom.
You look in their Medicine Cabinet!
Come On...... admit it ...... you know you do!

We are all friends here so I thought I would let you peek into my Medicine Cabinet.
It will save you a trip here


Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

How funny. :)
Do you know, that I am actually one of those people who do not look in medicine cabinets? I just am not curious as to what is in there.
I never peek in Christmas presents either or open other people's mail. In fact, after all my many years of marriage, I can honestly say I have never gone through my husband's wallet.
I guess I just figure everyone is entitled to some privacy.

Robbyn said...

I don't look, either...lol! It kind of weirds me out to peek anywhere that's not out in the open in someone's house. But I DO love reading magazines at other people's houses...I don't get many magazines here, as a rule, and some of my friends have loads, plus nifty freebie catalogs from stores I've never heard of, and I love browsing those. I used to babysit late at night for one of my friends, and after all the kids were in bed, I loved to curl up on her sofa and read all her coffee table and magazine rack full of magazines :)

Deb said...

Hi Carolyn, I don't snoop the medicine cabinets either, as a matter of fact I'm nearly racing to get out of there because I don't want them to think that I'm snooping.(LOL) Now I did take a look in yours only because you were offering.(LOL) But I tell you I don't remember a fraction of what was in there.Deb

Susie Q said...

You are so funny! I loved this. Uh huh. I am smiling! Thank you for leaving a comment as it led me here!
Looks like we are *neighbors* in the Dayton area. We should make it a point to meet at Ritter's some *Dog Nite*!! I would love to meet you.

I can't say I ever looked in a med cabinet but I do have a story...I was in a house once, at a get together of some people (work related) I did not know well.
While in the powder room, I noticed that something on the cabinet door was crooked. Being as anal as I once was, I tried to straighten it.
You can guess that it did not work and things fell and made lots of noise and wow. Was I embarrassed.
Maybe that is what taught me to not touch anything!

I have enjoyed reading through your
blog and hope it is alright if I bookmark it so I can return often!

Thanks again for visiting me and I do hope you come back!


Picket said...

Hello friend...thanks so much for coming by my blog..yeh you gotta love those Burly Men!! lol When my grandson got his first pair of boxers he was offically a big boy and guess what they were..yep...camos!!! lol lol The sweet little fellow was so proud he'd gladly show them to anyone if they ask back then!!!! lol Thanks for the tour of you medicine cabinet..being one that doesn't usually look in those things..that was very educating!!! lol lol have a great night!

bj said...

hmmmm...I never even thought to look in a medicine cabinet...
I just got thru straightening my linen/med. closet in my bath so I don't mind a bit if someone wants to look! lol (now, don't be lookin' in some of my drawers, tho!)
hugs, bj

Rue said...

Liars! I tell you!! LOL I look!! I can't help it LOL I have to! What if they're on drugs and I don't know it? LOL Thanks for showing me your medicine cabinet, but I'd still look cuz I'll bet you took something out... hehehehe

rue :)