Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Flower Beds

I love to Garden. Or I should say....... I used to love to Garden. But with my physical disabilities it is impossible for me to do it without inflicting much pain upon myself.

When we first moved in to our Home. I was able to get the Hubs to help me plant some bulb plants and lay some mulch. I made sure to plant plants that were perennial and were low maintenance. Because if Hubs had his way he would lay concrete and paint it green instead of having grass and pretty flowers. Over the years I have got some starts of plants from my Mom and his Mom as they were thinning out their Gardens. So I am proud of my pretty, low maintenance Gardens until.........

Late last year on the east side of the house, the flower bed was taken over by thistles. I was not able to get them out before fall and winter hit. So this year I noticed that they were back with a vengeance. I was telling my Mom about it. We agreed it they would keep coming back unless I was able to take them out root and all. My dilemma was I can't do it and Hubs won't do it. But it needed to get done?!?!?!

Imagine my surprise when my Mom called and told me that she would be coming over to my house to help me with my flower beds!!! She said she was coming over with her dandelion puller and she would wage war on my thistle bed! So that is what she did and she did a great job!!

Thanks Mom. You are the best!

* pictures to soon as the Hubs gets the mowing done. Maybe I could talk him into laying some mulch again this year?!?!?!

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Kitty said...

aw, that's so nice. She really listened to you.

I'm sorry you can't garden. It's such a very physical hobby. Mark and I put flowers into a couple window boxes last year and were shocked by how knackered we were at the end.

Take it easy!