Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Additions to our Backyard Garden

We are adding some things to our back yard garden this year. We got a ways to go to complete the projects but you gotta start somewhere!

1. In the upper left hand corner is the start of a bed that will eventually go clear across the back fence. This bed will be full of native Ohio plants and herbs.

2.See the cardboard by the fence? That is we are growing cucumbers this year. Plans are to throw down some dirt and compost. Put in a trellis and train the cucumber to grow up the trellis. We are trying White Cucumbers this year. They are supposed to have a crisp texture that is good for eating and pickling.
If this experiment goes well, we might add similar beds to grow squash, pumpkins and melons

3. The cardboard in the front of the picture marks where the new 4x8 raised bed is going.

4. Lastly, My Husband wants to grow grapes. He has fond memories of eating grapes under his Grandpas arbor and wants to try his hand at growing grapes himself. Neither one of know that much about growing grapes but we are on a crash course to learn.
In between this window will be a raised bed with an arbor for the white Niagara Grapes to grow on. We may not get to this project this year but it is on the to do list.


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

Sounds wonderful! Will you be using the lasagna method?

Carolyn said...

pretty much....my version of it.