Sunday, April 10, 2011

I want Chickens!

I would love to have some backyard Chickens. I would love tending them and collecting eggs. It would be so wonderful to see them roaming around the yard and hearing them make their chicken noises.

So until we can get the Chickens I will keep shopping for the cutest Chicken Coop and Chicken Tractors to house them in.

Here are some of my favorites:

Which is your favorite?

I spend alot of time looking at coops. I wonder if I want the coop more than the chickens...... Or want the Chickens because I can get a coop??


Nancy said...

Just remember that coop rhymes with ... ;)

They are all very cute. It's fun to dream and have goals.

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! :)

~ Janis said...

Get the one on wheels.
It is roomier for your birds and you can move it to other areas for your flock to graze.

it is up off the ground so the birds can take cover underneath it if it rains.

You can roll it into your garage in the winter to protect the birds from the weather.
Many advantages to this one.

Cara Rosaen, Live Simply Organizing said...

Have you seen the Nogg: My co-worker showed it me this morning - so cute!

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I like the greenish bluish one with the shingles. I'm afraid I like the coops way more than the chickens. Mom used to have about 20 laying hens and would raise 50-75 to butcher. That is a lot of chicken poop for a kid to clean. Takes away the fun of the chickens. Thanks for all of the cute coop photos. I'm sure 5-6 hens wouldn't be so bad. Hard to overcome childhood trauma.

Megan @ Restoring the Roost said...

Those are adorable coops! You can always use a bigger coop than you think....

And YES you should get chickens! I love mine to death and their sweet little chicken talk and couldn't imagine life without them now :)