Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home Instead

I worked for Home Instead for the last time last night. I will say, I will miss it.

The little lady I was sitting with last night is totally ate up with Alzheimer's. She asks the same questions over and over and over again. I must have told her it was Tuesday a thousand times! But she was so cute when her Husband came to see her. They were just so sweet together. When I got ready to go, She told me that she liked me and didn't want me to go. (insert my heart melting here) She also wanted to know when I would come back (heart breaking here because the answer was never). Now granted......she forgot this whole exchange in a matter of moments but talking with a Alzheimer's patient is kind of like talking to a child. They speak the truth, even if they forget it 2 seconds later.


Renna said...

My husband sat for a few years with an elderly man who died last spring (at 97!). I'm not sure if he had Alheimer's or Parkinson's, but the dementia was the same. The same questions were asked repeatedly. He'd gotten to the point when he died that my husband was the only person he recognized, though I think he thought Hubby was his son. Added to the constant forgetfulness, he was nearly deaf, so the answers to those oft' repeated questions had to be yelled. ;-)

It was quite a trying experience for my husband at times, but he grew very fond of the man during those years, and grieved the loss when he died. That said, he never wants to do that type work again!

Homekeeping Heart said...

Alzheimer's is such an awful and sad thing for the family members. I just hate it!

Homekeeping Heart said...
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