Thursday, November 20, 2008

Matt's Grandma

Sorry I haven't posted more.

Matt's Grandma is in the Hospital. She had a couple hours of distress yesterday. But with some intervention she came out of it and was able to breath again. Luckily Matt and I were there and that seemed to calm her.

The Doctor is going to keep her for a couple more days and then the plan is to send her to a Short Term Nursing Facility aka Nursing Home for a couple weeks. She is not real happy about this and it has taken alot of talking to get her to agree. The incident yesterday really scared her and has helped her accept that she needs to got into the Nursing Home for some reahab and PT.

We are dealing with calming and reassuring her, coordinating with her and her Dr's, Social Workers , After Care coordinators to get her all squared away. Oh and making sure her dog is being cared for.

I hope everyone is well. I will get around to visit you all as time permits.

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