Friday, November 7, 2008

Rohm and Haas' Fall Tips

Rohm and Haas is a specialty materials company that manufacturers the water-based acrylic technology found in common household supplies like paint, adhesives, caulk, roofing and much more. Recently, Rohm and Haas offered consumers the following tips:

* After a long summer in the sun, your deck probably needs a facelift. Deck paints and stains come in a variety of colors and finishes. An added bonus – acrylic paints offer UV protection and emit little to no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), extending the look and lifetime of the deck, while reducing impact on the environment.

*Caulk entryways like windows and doors to keep cold air out this winter. Securely weatherizing your home with weather stripping and acrylic caulk pays off -- according to the Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR ® program, homeowners who thoroughly seal and insulate their homes can expect up to a 20 percent reduction in heating and cooling costs.

*Walk around the exterior of the home to check for cracks in the foundation and examine walls and attics to ensure you have ample insulation. Using acrylic insulation in the walls and ceilings of your home can save as much as $245 per year, according to

*Replace your old light bulbs with eco-efficient halogen bulbs. Even if you only replace 25 percent of the bulbs in your house, you could cut your electric bill roughly in half.

The Department of Energy estimates that in total, Americans spend more than $160 billion a year to heat and cool their homes – using 21 percent of total national energy. If we all made energy efficient improvements, like sealing entry ways, installing new windows and adding proper insulation, the country could save roughly $32 to $48 billion dollars annually in heating and cooling costs.

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