Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Food Supply is Fragile

Our food supply is fragile

Grocery stores don’t stock weeks of food anymore. Most keep only 72 hours of food on the shelves. They re-stock based on just-in-time delivery of food supplies. If the trucks stop rolling in your part of the country during a crisis, the store shelves will be emptied almost immediately. In fact, expect a shortage of mainstay items like milk and bread to occur similar to what
happens before an approaching storm hits. Those who are aware of the problem but who haven’t already made preparations will engage in a last-minute rush to buy a few extra supplies.

Grow and make your own food to make sure you can provide for your Family in a time of need.

Grow something in your yard besides grass!


Marie said...

You make a good point--I don't remember the exact numbers, but I heard awhile back how long it would take to clear out the shelves in one of the big supermarkets in our area in a scenario like this, and it wasn't very long. Pretty scary. It's always good to have some food storage on hand--whether the emergency is personal, or would affect the whole community.

Deb said...

Wow Carolyn! that's terrible. That has never happened here. Maybe if a storm is coming and everyone makes a mad dash to the store the only thing the store may run out of is Milk and bread. Deb