Saturday, September 27, 2008

How to Make a Hand-Powered Washing Machine

I have got my clothes line to hang my clothing out to dry. But I was looking for an idea on how to wash the clothing without electricity.

Mind you I won't be doing this everyday........just in case of emergencies where we have no power.


How to Make a Hand-Powered Washing Machine:

You can make a washing machine from a toilet plunger with a rubber suction cup, and a tall pail with cover. The pail should be about twice as big around as the cup on the plunger. Make a small hole in the cover of the pail to put the handle of the toilet plunger through. Fill the pail with soapy water and clothing items. Put the cover on it with the plunger inserted through the cover. Raise the plunger above the water in the pail and lower it with quick up and down strokes. The plunger should come above the level of water on the up-stroke but should not hit the bottom of the pail on the down-strokes. Wait a few seconds between strokes, then repeat as needed.


farmhouse wares said...

I like this--you get a work out AND you get the laundry done. Not to mention you save electricity. Can't beat that. said...

I bet this makes some really hilarious sounds!!! Awesome! My inlaws have an old wringer washer that I really want. We can hook it up to our solar battery and go to town. I can't wait!

What a neat site you have!

Thank you for entering the contest! I'm very excited to see who wins!


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

THANK YOU! You need to write a book on all of this...I would BUY it! I need to start printing this stuff off if you aren't going to write the book anytime soon! You are one smart lady!

Ishmael Pequod said...

If you drll a few holes in the rubber suction cup it will imporve the performance of the plunging action and be less tiring.

Make quarter-inch holes space 1-2 inches apart all the way around (one row only).

And I find that about 200 strokes will get most loads very clean.

I'm living in my car with close to zero money and this keeps me looking respectable for free.