Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feed Me!

Times are tough here in the Barber House. Not only from the tough economy that we are all facing but we will be without my income for October.

So we are pinching pennies and saving dimes. But we still gotta eat!!

I was looking on line for some frugal recipes. I was finding some good ones. I found some bad ones.

I wanted ask for help from all my Blog Buddies. Relax........ I ain't asking for money!!

All I am asking is for your best frugal recipe.

You can post it in comments or link me to it.

Either way, I thank you for your help!


slmpetersen said...

Carolyn - Check out the lasagna recipe I posted on Monday (9/22/008). It made enough for dinner plus one lunch and the other half went into the freezer for a later time. I'm a big fan of budget cooking. My basic mix is a great budget saver (Just the basics posted 2/22/08). This lovely mix takes the place of any baking mix (bisquick) in a lot of recipes. Let me know if there are other more specific recipes you would like.

Anonymous said...

I can so sympathize. My husband is disabled and I was recently laided off from my job. Here is the recipe for my favorite "Cheater's Chili" which is both frugal and quick and easy. Hope you enjoy!

Cheater's Chili

2 cans Chili Hot Beans
2 cans Ranch Style Beans
1 lb ground meat (beef or turkey - can substitute 1/2 lb with ground sausage)
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/2 onion, finely chopped
Salt, pepper and chili powder to taste
Dash tabasco, optional

Brown ground meat and drain well. Remove from pan and saute garlic and onion until soft. Return meat to pan and add beans. Season to taste, bring to boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer until mealtime.

This is always better the second day. My husband and I can eat on this for two or three days (or more) and it also freezes really well.

Best of luck to you and yours!

Patti said...

I have been in this place many times when my children were small.

I used to make a large pot of stew (since you have a garden this would be great) using inexpensive stew meat or just broth works too. I would make up a big pot of spaghetti and a big pot of chilli. These all freeze and lasted for days even with three growing boys.

Funny time I wanted to make tacos. I had all the ingredients except hamburger so I used what I had...wieners! My neighbor was impressed and used my idea too. The kids still talk about my taco wiennies!

God Bless You
I pray everyday that our economy will improve.
Best of luck to you my friend.

Lura said...

Hi. I just found your blog today and thought I'd offer you a frugal recipe. Make cornbread in a round cake pan, either Jiffy mix or from scratch (either are cheap). Cut it into slices and serve with butter and syrup on top. We call this Johnny Cake. Serve with brown and serve sausage (1.00 or less at Aldi if you have one) and some fruit, whatever you have on hand. It sounds like a breakfast, but we often had it for supper growing up. Hope this helps!

Matriarchy said...

I can buy a 1-pound frozen roll of ground turkey for 99 cents at my warehouse store. I brown that in a skillet, add a 59-cent can of refried beans, and 2 packages of generic taco seasoning mix. Let it cook together a bit. We keep a batch of this in the fridge to heat up for quick burritos. Reheat it - you can add fresh tomato or greens, salsa if you have some, or grated cheese, sour cream - whatever you have - then roll it in a tortilla (1.29 for 10 at my store). You can also eat that with cornbread or on rice, if you have no tortillas.

Paulette said...

Carolyn, soup, soup and more soup!!
It can be very economical, filling, healthy and can stretch such a long way. And it's just the weather for it. Bean soups and potato soups for instance. We're not big meat eaters, so it's even more economical.

Blessings, Paulette

Tulsi said...

Chicken Tortilla Casserole

Cook chicken. Layer in a casserole dish. Layer torn corn torillas on top of the chicken.

1 can Cream of Mushroom soup
1 cup milk
1 cup salsa -we use Pace

Pour mixture over the tortillas.
I also take a fork and poke it so the sauce gets to the bottom.

Top with cheese and sliced olives.
Cover with a lid or tin foil.
Bake at 350 for 45 minutes.

It freezes really well. Bake it first, wrap and freeze. Thaw before reheating.