Sunday, September 7, 2008

Food Transportation

Transportation is the key to food.

Without transportation, farmers can’t get their crops to the wholesalers or food processing facilities. Food is heavy, generally speaking, and it requires trucks and trains to move it around— a literal ARMY of trucks and trains, weaving their way from city to city, optimized and prioritized by computers. If the computers freeze, the whole transportation infrastructure will shut down. Transportation also depends heavily on fuel. In a time of crisis there may be little or no fuel to use.

How would you feed your Family if you could not run to the Grocery Store to get food?

Grow your own!

Buy Local!


Homekeeping Heart said...

I've been reading alot of bloggers who are posting about this peak oil crisis and the economy going to hell in a hand basket. I agree that we should be more independent. My husband and I have had this thought in our minds since the Y2K dilemma. We have slowly been moving toward being independent.

Keep talking, I'm interested!

Marie said...

This is a great reason to grow a garden--plus when you grow your own, you don't have to wonder about some other things, like the scare over the tomatoes earlier this year. Growing your own garden can help in a lot of ways!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

You brought up some good points! A garden and food storage is the way to go!

Jack said...

Good Point! Been buying local as much as possible recently. One big exception is whey protein for shakes. Need to make my own somehow.