Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chris and Eve's Wedding

My Godson got married tonight. It was a lovely ceremony and a wonderful reception. I am so happy for Chris and Eve. I wish them many, many happy years together.

The picture is of the take home favors for guests. They are Caramel Apples!! The theme was Fall in Love. Beautiful Fall themes and colors. And you know how I love me some Fall!

The Brides Mother did all the planning, decorations and favors. And let me tell you.........she did a great job! This woman should go into business. Everything was beautiful and professional looking. It was a lovely evening.

Congratulations Chris and Eve!!


Homekeeping Heart said...

How cute is that? Those caramel apples are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to the wedding and the pictures of the apple are cute. how you had a great time. we will see you in a week. -eve

JustAskGreta said...

I love the theme "Fall in Love"!! What a pretty blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!

Tablebread said...

I think Fall is one of the best times to get married. You have all winter to cuddle! :)

Susie Q said...

What fun an Autumn can be!
That is such a sweet treat for guests!