Saturday, September 6, 2008

Canning Class at Carriage Hill Metro Park

Canning Class at Carriage Hill Metro Park
Subject: Applesauce

Our Teacher......
not only does she teach us how to can, she shows us how they did it in the 1800's

Peeling the Apples

Running the cooked apples through the Food Mill

Filling the Jars

Putting the Lid on

Putting the filled Jars in the Water Bath.

The Wood Stove

Finished products....Applesauce, Cherry Chutney and Tomato Apple Chutney

If you would like more information on Carriage Hill or the Canning Class,

Please visit their website at


Anna Lee said...

Hi Carolyn,
I love your blog and especially your lavish use of great pics! I don't know about the 1800s but this is pretty much how my mom taught me to can applesauce! Okay, maybe she resorted to a blender in lieu of the food mill, but she collected antiques and I know we used a food mill for fun at some point :)

Anyhow, don't y'all just love homemade preserves! Thanks for reminding us that the harvest bounty won't last forever.
-Anna Lee H. in Toronto

Rue said...

Hi Carolyn :)

Great pictures! How neat that you were able to watch a process from the 1800s.


Buddy the Photo Dog said...

Isn't Carriage Hill wonderful!
Did you see all the really big pictures that are part of the displays? My photographer did those.
I really enjoy reading about what you are working on.


Angie said...

I hate canning but doing it in an enviroment like that looks like fun :) Looks like, probably still isn't... hahaha