Friday, May 2, 2008

Getting ready

We are getting ready for the big Garage Sale. We are bringing all the stuff up from the basement and staging it in the Garage.

I will get up early and start the set up on Saturday morning. Matt will get home from work (have I mentioned he works the Midnight shift?) and stay up to help me for a few hours. Then I will be on my own in the afternoon. Not sure how this is going to workout as far as bathroom breaks and my daily PT but we will figure it out!!

I hope we make lots of money!!!!! Proceeds will be going into Trip to Texas Fund. We will be driving to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with his Dad this year.


FHL said...

I hope it goes well and that you make lots of $$ for your trip!

Our first yard sale was so stressful- some people were rude, others just cheap....however our second one, I approached with a completely different attitude and ended up finding the whole experience rather amusing...Hoping you have wonderful customers, meet some neat neighbors, and can enjoy laughing at the ridiculous :o)

Bebe said...

Hi Carolyn!

I want to come to your garage sale!!! :) I hope you make lots of money for your trip and you have nice sunny weather!

You really get a perspective on people when you are doing a sale ~ some will be exceptionally nice, others pushy, and still others can be downright mean. You see it all! When it's over, prop your feet up and order a pizza!

Hugs, Bebe :)