Saturday, May 3, 2008

Just a quick note

Just wanted to let everyone know about my Day. The Garage Sale was a success! We made almost $150.00!!!

But now the bad news...... I came in for break to check on the Dogs and noticed Jack was acting weird. I bent down to pick him up and he yipped! I was checking him over to see what was wrong.
When I got to his hind quarters I noted an anal gland about to erupt!! I called the vet and was able to get him right in. I told Matt he was going to have to man the sale and I would be back when I could.

Meanwhile on the ride there.......the anal gland did erupt!!! My goodness did it stink!! (is this TMI?!?!?) I got him there and the Vet said that Jack would have to stay the day and get minor surgery on the area to lance and irrigate the wound. So I left my Baby Boy there to get all fixed up.

Then I come back home finish out the garage sale. Doing the happy dance because we actually made some money. Then closed up shop and packed things all up for AmVets to pick up. By this time I am TIRED and my Back is KILLING me!!!

Then the Doctor called and said he was working on Jack and noted that he needed his teeth cleaned. Some were infected and impacted and needed to be removed! So I gave him the go ahead to do it all. (He ended up having 4 teeth removed!!)

He called a few hour later to let us know that my Baby was ready to be picked up. So I got there and picked him up and went to pay the bill. It was $250.00!! What the *#%!...............

So I came home and told Matt about the bill. He said "So we had the garage sale to pay for Jack's ass."

Well.................true...............I guess we did.

P.S.- Jack is home and resting comfortably.

P.S.S. - I am TIRED and my Back is KILLING Me!!!!


Utah Grammie said...

Oh poor pu! I know pets are expensive, but so glad you had the sale and had the money to help with the bill. I know how frustrating it can be - I got a "bonus" once of about $400 - that afternoon my brakes went out and the cost was $395 - I told the guy just to keep the $5 - it was no good to me by that time anyway.LOL
Hope he's feeling better. Thanks for being such a good dog-ma!

Kitty said...

oh dear.
Vet bills are terrible are they not? yeesh.

But...your doggie will be so much better with the clean teeth. Infected gums and such can lead to all sorts of conditions.

Glad he's feeling better!

Rue said...

Oh Lord Carolyn! I'm sorry you and the jack are in pain :( I hope you both feel better!


Susie Q said...

Oh no...I am so sorry that you both had to go through these thing! No fun is it?