Friday, April 23, 2010

Tomato Ladders

These are we chose to support our Tomato Plants with.
We have used them in the Family Garden with success.
They also are space saving which is a priority since we are planting using the Square Foot Gardening Method

                                                            Red Tomato Ladders, Set of 3

Tomato Ladders
Heavy-Duty Tomato Ladders Hold Over 100 Pounds!

If you have a really big tomato crop this year, will your plant supports be able to handle the load? Our exclusive Tomato Ladders are the sturdiest you can buy, because they’re made with 7mm steel uprights — 20% thicker than others on the market! They’ll last season after season too, thanks to a weatherproof powder coating. Best of all, our Tomato Ladders are better for your plants. The rounded-V shape protects plants from wind and accidental breakage. The seven cradle-shaped cross-members give multiple places for vines to rest, and make it easy to set the ladders into the ground. Tomato Ladders will make the most of your garden space, reduce pests and disease, and give you a bigger harvest of juicy, unblemished fruit — guaranteed!

-Ladders hold a huge harvest — over 100 pounds
-Ladders cradle fruit-laden vines more effectively than stakes
-V-shaped design protects each plant's main stem
-Ladders nest for compact off-season storage
-Add our new Ladder Extensions to support your tallest tomatoes

You can check out the Tomato Ladders at or click the links below!

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