Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Backyard Homestead

This year we are expanding out little backyard homestead. Here are some of the changes and additions:

I am starting plants from seed this year.
I came across these little greenhouse starters at Dollar General!

Lettuce, Beans, Tomato and Pepper seedlings

Our rain harvesting system.
Matt will be putting a spigot and hose on the trough

The start of our Compost pile

A bed for wildflowers

A Blackberry Bush
I put some grass clippings down as mulch

Our Raised Bed Garden!
Matt built this great bed. It is 4 x 10.
We are letting in settle a little and
then Matt is going to use a post hole digger
and level it to the ground
We are planting using the Square Foot Garden Method.
I will keep you posted on our progress

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