Monday, November 2, 2009

Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe

With Holiday Baking ahead of us all, I wanted to share Cookie recipe I found.

It makes 7 to 8 Dozen Cookies and they say the Dough can be frozen for later use!!


Sugar Cookies

1.1 lb (500 grams) Butter

1 can Condensed Milk (390-400 gram)
1 cup Sugar
5 cups Self Rising Flour (or plain flour and baking powder)
toppings like choc chips, smarties, jam, cinnamon and sugar

Cream butter and sugar, add condensed milk.

Stir in flour.

Roll into balls and flatten or Roll out with rolling pin and cut with cookie cutter

Top with toppings of choice...... Choc chips, Sprinkles, Sugar or thumbprint and add jam for jam drops.Bake at 350 degrees for approx 10 min until golden brown.

Cool on racks.

Makes 7 to 8 Dozen

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