Saturday, March 29, 2008


I was feeling nostalgic the other day and was thinking about all the jobs that I have had. It is kind of interesting how it ebbs and flows depending on my interests at the time. So I thought I would give you the run down:

Baby Sitter
Car Hop at the Root Beer Stand
Drive Thru Attendant
Nursing Assistant at Nursing Home
Nursing Assistant at Hospital
Unit Clerk in Hospital Emergency Room
Unit Clerk in Hospital ICU
Street Worker for City of Xenia Street Department (it is worker, people.....not Walker!!)
Day Camp Counselor for YMCA
Office Worker YMCA
Day Care Provider YMCA
Day Care Provider- Days of Discovery
Firefighter/EMT City of Huber Heights
Firefighter/EMT Xenia Township
Deputy Sheriff for Greene County Sheriff''s Office
Deputy Sergeant for Greene County Sheriff's Office
Lieutenant for Greene County Sheriff's Office

It seems in all of my jobs, I was taking care of someone else. This wrecked my body and now I am Medically Retired and taking care of myself.

My favorite Jobs were Nursing Assistant in the Nursing Home. Unit Clerk in the Emergency Room, Day Care Provider at Days of Discovery and being a Deputy Sheriff with Greene County.

How many Jobs have you held? What were some of your favorite jobs?


Loving Her Beautiful said...

Hi, Jo,
That's quite a list of jobs. I've never worked at McDonald's or the Food Commons in college like everyone else -- even though I applied four times! I guess that's why I had to become a writer. Thanks for sharing!
I'm also writing to tell you about a project I'm working on. It's a collection of Thank You Stories, to be published in a book titled I Never Got to Thank You.
I would love to include one of your Thank You Stories.
You can read about the project on my post:
If you like what you read, I would also be very grateful if you would pass on my link to anyone else you're comfortable with -- even if you don't write a Story yourself. My goal is to collect 100 Stories by March 31st, but that date is certainly not a cut-off. Everyone is welcome to contribute a Story -- or more than one!
Thank you for reading.
Blessings to you!

Rue said...

The only job I ever had was a receptionist at a hair salon. Pathetic, huh? LOL

You my friend have been a very busy bee!

Are you going to write a story for Bill??

Have a great day tomorrow,
rue :)

Kitty said...

your work as a firefighter and in the police force must have been interesting? How cool!
I worked with food and at an insurance company when in high school. I earned money playing music through college. Then I went into the architectural profession.

For a brief moment I rebelled and tried to work for a fashion designer. That did NOT work out very well. My career path then wandered a bit as I struggled with my mixed feelings about architecture.

Now I'm fully into it. I've always been a workaholic and now I'm working on balancing my life. With my recent job change, it's been actually hard to deal with not worrying about work in my off hours. Goodness.

thanks for raising the issue in your post!

Treasure Barn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I too love dogs. We ahve 2 rodesian ridgeback mix. I am looking forward to all the pictures of your dogs.

I too was a nursing assistant in my younger years. Also worked as an OB/GYN nurse...that was very rewarding.

Retired as an Interior Designer 3 years ago. Now I am a blogger and having fun creating collages, greeting cards and attempting to work with clay.

Anyway, I love you blog and will be visiting often. Do you mind if I add you link to my blog?

A new friend