Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Building Your Stockpile By Using Coupons

I got inspired by a Co Worker and the show Extreme Couponing and now I am clipping and using coupons!!

I am not as good as the ladies on the show where they just owe a penny when it is all said and done. But I think for a beginner I am doing OK.

My first attempt was at Target. I got $130.00 worth of stuff for $80.00.

On my second trip at Meijer. I had a $16.00 savings

Last was my trip to Kroger. With coupons and my Kroger Plus Card, I had a $30.00 savings.
Then with my Fuel Reward Points, I was able to save .30 cents a gallon and filled up the tank $3.59 a gallon

(See next post where I saved 41% on my shopping trip to Kroger)

Some Tips I have learned so far:
*You reach the extreme level of couponing when you combine coupons with a customer reward card. Those little scan cards on your keyring could get annoying but if it saves money..... I'll do it.

*Never use a coupon on something that is not on sale. You get maximum savings when something is on sale and you use a coupon.

*Check out your favorite stores website. Most have an area where you can look at the weekly ad and make a shopping list. This makes it easy to search your coupon stash and search the sales.

Couponing takes a little time and effort for searching, finding, clipping, watching sales and matching coupons but I think it is worth it.

There are lots of resources and coupons on the internet. Some of the popular sites do the sale and coupon matching for you. One of my favorites is Common Sense with Money. When you sign up for a weekly e-mail at this site you get a free e-book on extreme couponing!

Just find a site you like and start clipping!


Meghan said...

Ahhh don't you just love but hate that show at the same time. I used to think of my self as a sane person but now I am all about clipping coupons that I have turned into a crazy person! I swear my boyfriend is about to commit me to the loony bin!

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