Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Dirt, No Planting

You might remember that we put in another raised bed this year in our backyard.
We have been unable to get it filled with dirt. We had over 9 inches of rain in April. One of the wettest April's on record in our area! We were waiting on the ground to dry out in our side yard so we could back the truck in to unload the dirt. Just when we thought we were going to be able to start there is rain in our forecast for the next 8 days! So no dirt means no planting.

On a good note....We given some beautiful Tomato Plants from one of Matt's co workers.
She started some Purple Cherokee, KY Beefsteak, Bloody Butcher and Endless Summer. Thanks, Deb!

We also got some Pepper Plants from our neighbor Janelle. Thanks Janelle!

So as soon as it stops raining we will get everything planted........ I hope!

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Janelle Anderson said...

We will think dry thoughts for you! I ended up staining my deck and then getting it rained on within hours. The instructions say to wait until there will be no rain for 24hours...HA!!! It seems to be fine. I guess putting in dirt is a little different. The boys would love to play in a mud hole! Good luck. Oh, I have Matt's batteries and chainsaw. I've tried to return in two or three times so holler at me if you see me out so I can return it. THanks.

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

I'll be sending dry weather prayers your way! We have the same 8 days of rain predicted. Fortunately, our garden is planted, though I may have to worry about fungus and other diseases.

Akehia said...

Oh, I know the feeling! I actually got my garden started, but I think it's getting too much water now. We've had rain and cloudy days here in NC for several weeks straight now. It's good to have the rain considering the usual drought this time of year, but the down side of it is that my little seedlings are getting more than enough water and not enough sunlight. Hopefully the weather will even out nicely for us soon!

SparingChange said...

Hello fellow Ohioan! I hear ya about the rain! I got some asparagus plants today and was hoping to plant them...but then it started to downpour. We havent had a day without rain in nearly a week and a half. It wont let up until Friday & Saturday here.

I'm hoping it dries down your way! Looking forward to following your blog!

Lisa Whitaker said...

Your little garden corner looks a lot like ours. Each year we add a new row so we don't over do it. Gives us a chance to gradually increase our skills along with the volume. Our problem with filling new raised beds is getting the organic composted soil to fill in there. So hard to get when you live in the middle of nowhere.

Extraordinary Life

Teresa said...

That is how our summer went last year. I certainly hope you get a break in the rain.

no spring chicken said...

What wonderful friends and neighbors. It would be wonderful to have home grown plants provided...

It's gotta dry out soon, right? How long have we been saying this? :)

Blessings, Debbie