Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I want to share with you a great site that I recently learned about.... CSN

If you're looking for cookware, outdoor furniture, shoes, handbags or even a sleeper sofa-
CSN has everything!! They have over 200 websites that you can shop from!

Canning season is coming up quick! I am looking for anything that will help me process the food from our harvests in a hurry. Currently I am checking out food slicers. There are lots of options to chose from in the CSN network.

I will make my purchase and report back to you.  I will review the food slicer that I get and the service provided by CSN Because not only is the product important but the service is too!

In the meantime be sure to browse around and check out all 200 websites  You will be amazed at the selection!

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