Sunday, June 20, 2010

My SFG on 21 June 2010



I made some fresh Pesto with Basil from the Garden the other day.
It was Yummy!



Something was eating the leaves of the Peppers.
I mixed some water and crushed red pepper flakes
and sprayed the leaves.
That seems to have helped.

Green Beans

Whatever was eating the Peppers was eating the Green Bean leaves too.
I had replant some seeds
because some the the seedlings were too far gone.





Head Lettuce and Leaf Lettuce

Compost Pile

Blackberry Bush

1 comment:

Janelle Anderson said...

Wow, I'm impressed. Everything looks great even after the crazy rain storms.

My compost pile is in dire need of straw. Where did you get yours?

Oh, Matt said something about having extra gravel...I would love to buy it if you guys are ready to part with it.

Slip-n-slide-n-the-nude will be a regular occurrence I'm sure for my boys on these hot, hot days. I would apologize for the show but it really does make for a good laugh! I have yet to get photos but I will!