Monday, December 7, 2009

Survival Seeds - Peace Of Mind For Your Family

~Know that your family will have food during a crisis.
~Includes an 8-page instruction booklet.
~Enough seeds to plant 3/4 of an acre!
~Non-Hybrid seeds produce true to variety seeds to replant for future harvests.
~Optimum water content to increase storage life.
~Double water tight packaging.
~Hometown seeds is 100% GMO free!
~Includes 16 Easy To Grow Non-Hybrid Varieties

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Anonymous said...
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Lydia said...

Survival seeds sound like an interesting idea, would like to learn more!

Survival Seeds said...

Just purchasing some seeds is not enough, you should learn how to grow vegetables. Practice a little bit. Initially, when beginning to plant a garden, start small and work your way up. Have a small garden plot or do container gardening if you are short on space.

Tree Pruners said...

I absolutely agree, it's not enough to have a pack of these seeds, in gardening, practice is really important, so my advice would be to start gardening as soon as possible and just learn – gardening knowledge is important, and it will become very useful in the long-run!