Sunday, December 20, 2009

Knifty Knitter

                                 Knifty Knitter Long Loom Set w/Hook & Yarn Needle, 4/Pkg.

I saw a commercial for the Knifty Knitter the other day. Being bored, I ran out to my local craft store and got the long loom set. Circular Sets are also available.

I was able to figure out the whole loom knitting thing without any real difficulty. If you have any knitting or crocheting history it does help though. There are detailed instructions included that show you how to make a scarf. I wish their were more ideas, patterns or a DVD included. But if you search around on the Internet you can find videos and patterns. There seems to be more patterns and videos for the circular looms though. I don't know if the long loom series is something new and more patterns and information will be forthcoming or not.

Following are pictures of one of the scarfs I made.

I used the same loom to make a hat too. Matt won't let me post the pic of him wearing it though!
Overall, I like the Knifty Knitter. It is fun and easy to learn. Projects are pretty quick to come together too.

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